Goalkeeper glove sizing is a very individual thing. We all have personal preferences to the way we want our gloves to fit and feel. 

How to Measure

As a general rule (some goalkeepers may prefer their gloves tighter or loser fitting)
measure your hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm.
Then add on a cm to take into consideration the thickness of the latex padding and lining used in the gloves

Use the chart below to determine the right size for you.


PWRLITE® Series | Size Guide

  • FIT | Slightly Larger Fitting, maybe try a size down from usual


SHOKLOCK® Series | Size Guide

  • FIT | True to size
  • TIP | This Series features Finger Protection - May need to try a size above than usual


ELIMIN8AER® Series | Size Guide

  • FIT | True to size


We advise to go for the larger size. If your gloves don't fit, you can return your gloves for an exchange - Check out our return policy for more details