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How To Choose Goalkeeper Gloves

  • There are many different types and cuts of goalkeeper gloves
  • It’s important to buy a glove cut and size you feel comfortable in
  • The wrong goalkeeper glove size can cause injury and difficulty in performing at your best
  • Find out the main things you should look out for when choosing goalkeeper gloves

Choosing New Goalkeeper Gloves

Keepers at any level, from just starting out to established professional international players, are always looking for that right glove for them. From different cuts and styles to a varied size range, choosing the right new goalkeeper glove for you is important. A combination of technical specification and personal preference is key to consider when making your decision.

You wouldn’t wear football boots on the wrong surface or two sizes too big - that affects your performance and ability. Choosing the right goalkeeper glove is the same, and when you get that match, it carries the confidence you need as a keeper to become unbeatable.

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a goalkeeper glove The focus is on your comfort and flexibility when playing, and how you can feel and grip the ball:

  1. Goalkeeper glove cut
  2. Goalkeeper glove size

Goalkeeper Glove Cut

If you’re shopping around any site looking at goalkeeper gloves, you’ll have come across “glove cuts”. Basically, a “glove cut” is how the latex palm and the rest of the glove are stitched together. A roll finger cut for example has the latex palm rolled around the fingers. Negative cuts, which are increasingly popular, have a flat palm on a single piece of latex, with external finger stitching.

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Glove cuts can affect how you “feel” the ball, from saving to catching, and also impact on your comfort and flexibility. These are all critical factors for any goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper Glove Size

There is no “one size fits all” approach to choosing a goalkeeper glove. Too much space or too small a glove can lead to injuries and badly impact performances. The size of your glove can also be affected by the cut you choose, with thickness of latex or lining affecting the feel.

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Choosing Kaliaaer Goalkeeper Gloves

We want everyone who chooses Kaliaaer goalkeeper gloves to get the best pair suited to them, to give them the confidence on the pitch to make that critical save when needed. It can be daunting, especially for beginners, in choosing the right goalkeeper glove. Still not sure? Drop us a message and we will help you find your next pair of elite goalkeeper gloves.