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How To Make Goalkeeper Gloves More Sticky

Keeping your goalkeeper gloves as sticky as possible can make or break your save. Glove grip can deteriorate over time but there are steps you can take to re-grip your gloves, helping them perform like new.

How To Keep Your Goalkeeper Gloves Sticky

    1. Use Aquav8aer goalkeeper glove glue
    2. Keep them slightly wet during play
    3. Clean your gloves regularly
    4. Be mindful of how you get up
    5. Store Your Gloves Properly

1. Use Aquav8aer Goalkeeper Glove Glue

Aquav8aer glue spray is the ultimate solution for enhancing the grip of your goalkeeper gloves in wet weather. As a pressure sensitive fluid, it adapts to water and impact.

You can never truly predict the weather so it’s always handy to have a spare tube in your bag. Upon application, Aquav8aer feels slick and may require a few ball catches or hand claps to fully activate.

2. Keep Them Slightly Wet During Play

Keep a spray tube of water nearby. Latex provides more grip when it is wet and spraying some water on them throughout your game can certainly enhance the grip on your goalie gloves.

Whether this is a small spray bottle you have dedicated for using on gloves or water from your water bottle - if they’re wet, they’ll work!

3. Be Mindful Of How You Get Up

When you dive to make a save, be mindful of how you get up off the ground afterwards. Diving along the ground might be needed to stop the ball, but think about your hand positions when you dive. Rolling your gloves along the ground to help absorb some of the impact could be causing them to be less sticky.

When you dive, if possible (and obviously without causing injury to yourself) try to keep the palms of your goalkeeper gloves off the ground. When you get up, use your knuckles with your hands in a fist shape and keep your glove palms for contact with the ball only.

4. Clean Your Gloves Regularly

Let them dry on their own (i.e. don’t use tumble dryers or leave on radiators) but make sure they don’t dry OUT. Once you find the balance, you’re all set.

5. Store Your Gloves Properly

Keeping your gloves grippy isn’t just about how you treat them during play, but also how you keep them on non-playing days. Store them in a cool place away from sunlight. Also, keep the palms away from each other between games. If the palms are wet, they might stick together and you’ll have to peel them apart which could damage the latex.

When trying to enhance the grip on your goalkeeper gloves, follow our above tips. Keep in mind that if you buy a pair of gloves that have enhanced grip out the box, it will take longer for the grip to wear down compared to standard gloves with less grip out the bag. No goalkeeper gloves will have a grip that lasts forever but follow our advice to get the absolute most out of your gloves, saving more money (and more goals!) in the long run.