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Cleaning and washing your Goalkeeper gloves is the key to making them last as long as possible. With regular use on the pitch, your gloves can be covered in dirt, sweat, even dust when being stored at home. But there are steps you can take to keep them in great condition, preventing you from having to buy a replacement pair before necessary.

Tips For Cleaning Your Goalkeeper Gloves

  1. Do not put them in the washing machine
  2. Use our Re:Charge goalkeeper glove wash
  3. Use lukewarm water
  4. Undo the velcro and hang them up to air dry
  5. Clean your gloves regularly to stop them from smelling

Do Not Put Them In The Washing Machine

While they may appear to be clean, putting your goalkeeper gloves in the washing machine will likely damage and tear the latex on the gloves. Also, the detergent you have at home will make the gloves lose grip that even using our Aquav8aer won’t be able to fix.

Pre-Wash Your Gloves With Re:Charge Goalkeeper Glove Wash

Re:Charge glove wash is a foamer application that can be used to pre-wash and sanitise your goalkeeper gloves to a match-winning standard all while giving you ultimate grip and performance. Use Re:Charge before submerging your gloves in water.

Apply the foamer to your gloves. Once sprayed on, use a microfiber cloth (which reduces the chance of tearing the latex)  to remove any particularly bad spots of dirt or mud off of the glove.

Submerge Your Gloves In Lukewarm Water

Once your goalkeeper gloves have been initially cleaned, you can submerge them in water for about 5-10 seconds and then, using your hands or your microfibre cloth, rub the gloves to get the remaining dirt off.

Make sure the water you are submerging is lukewarm. Using water that is too cold or too hot will likely not clean them properly or even damage your gloves. The water should be the same temperature as a comfortable bath.

Undo the Velcro And Hang Your Gloves Up To Air Dry

Once you’re happy with the cleanliness of your gloves, undo the velcro so that any water that has worked it’s way into the velcro lining can escape. Hang your goalkeeper gloves up somewhere that you don’t mind getting slightly damp such as the inside of a shower or over the bath.

Try not to hang them in direct heat such as sunlight, on a radiator as the latex can dry out and do not use a hairdryer.

Clean Goalkeeper Gloves Regularly To Stop Them From Smelling

Cleaning your gloves after each match can prevent smells from building up inside your gloves. If you don’t clean them straight after your match and take a week off, that’s two weeks of built up odour.

Follow our steps above to clean, wash and dry your goalkeeper gloves after each match to keep the grip levels high and to avoid having to replace the gloves before you need to. Even professional players that use their gloves numerous times a week can extend their glove usage by a number of weeks. Shop our Re:Charge Goalkeeper Glove Wash at Kaliaaer for the best grip and care.