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Your Goalkeeper Gloves on a Match Day

Us goalkeepers can be a weird breed with how we prepare ourselves, our goalkeeper gloves, and our kit for a match. Every keeper has rituals, superstitions, little unique traits to get in that game focus space. Confidence between the sticks can be boosted significantly when both you and your kit are prepared and ready.

Goalkeeper gloves become an extension of you, your personality and your ability when you’re in the game, so getting them right helps get you ready, and keeping them right through a match helps you excel.

Preparing Your Goalkeeper Gloves for Match Day

If you have washed your goalkeeper gloves, make sure they are naturally dry before the game. Store your gloves in your bag, or use our Pro Glove Bag, avoiding the palms from being placed together. This keeps the latex fresh and avoids damaging the palms.

We wouldn’t recommend using your gloves for the first time in a match without breaking the latex in. Ensure you are warming up the gloves and loosening them for optimal performance with a thorough glove workout. Some keepers opt to use a worn-in pair for warmups, preserving a separate pair for matches, although many keepers get comfort in a quick transition with the same setup of goalkeeper gloves.

Maintaining Your Goalkeeper Gloves During a Match

Once the game kicks off, you might be in store for a long afternoon being peppered with shots, or you might just face 1 shot. However many you face, a good pair of goalkeeper gloves won’t boost your concentration, but will give you confidence. Conditions throughout a match can quickly change and by preparing your match day kit, you can seamlessly adapt mid-game to whatever the weather throws at you.

A glove towel is an excellent goalkeeper accessory for your kit bag. Easily hang up inside the side net of your goal and squeeze to dry the palms of your hands when there is excessive water. We always want goalkeeper gloves to have a bit of moisture in them (why you may see some keepers spitting in their palms) however too much can compromise the latex and grip-ability on the ball.

For the less saliva inclined, a standard water bottle can help lubricate your gloves during the game. Slight moisture helps activate the latex in the palm, improving the grip of your goalkeeper gloves. Always helpful during a game to save and then hold a ball! Glove glue, like our Aquav8er product, can also help to improve the gripability when it is particularly wet and a glove towel doesn’t provide as much help.

Other Additions to your Matchday Keeper Kit Bag

The weather can play a precarious part in your goalkeeper glove setup during a game. Another essential tool in your keeper kit bag should be a cap. Everyone has played a game with tricky sun position affecting your sight. From the split second covering your eyes to see, a shot can fly by you. A cap can help your visibility in high sun conditions while keeping your hands free. The Kaliaaer Pro Cap can help maintain your vision, and also has the benefit of a rain proof lining to provide additional vision aid during heavy rainfall. You’ve followed the tips and guidance to get your goalkeeper gloves match ready, don’t be caught off guard by the weather!

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