Q - How long will my Kaliaaer gloves take to arrive?

A - Please see our delivery page for full information.


Q - Can I return my gloves?

A - Please see our returns page for full information on this process.


Q - I need help with my Glove size?

A - Please see our Glove Size Guide Page for full information.


Q - How much does glove personalization cost?

A - Glove personalization look great and is worn by the majority of professional goalkeepers.  This costs an extra £5.00 per pair. 


Q - What professional Goalkeepers wear Kaliaaer gloves?

A - We are really proud of the goalkeepers all around the world who trust and choose to wear our products. Check out our Social Media channels, our pro goalkeepers are all over them.


Q - Do your pro keepers wear the same gloves as I can buy?

A - YES, the materials used on the gloves for sale on the official Kaliaaer website are the same as the materials used on the gloves worn by our pro goalkeepers. 


Q - I'm a Goalkeeper, will you sponsor me?

A - Sponsorships are reviewed by our marketing manager on a case by case basis.  We can only sponsor goalkeepers with exceptional potential so if you feel you fit this criteria please get in touch. info@Kaliaaer.com


Q - Should I pre wash my Gloves?

A - A pre wash is simply wash your gloves in cool water before the first use.  We recommend this, and know that all of our Pro Goalkeepers do the same.  A pre wash helps to activate the latex bringing through the gripping properties of the material.  Please see our Glove Care Guide for more details.


Q - I want to become a stockist or distributor of the Kaliaaer brand?

A - Head over to our distribution page and fill out the form, one of our sales team will be In touch within 48 hours.


Q - I'm struggling with a part of my game, can you help?

A - Please email us Info@Kaliaaer.com or Tweet us @Kaliaaer and we will try to help - alternatively, you can head over you our tips & tricks page to see if we can help