Shoklock® Finger Protection Goalkeeper Glove Spines

  • 4 Shoklock® Spines protect against hyper extension injury
  • The Spines are removable.  Our pattern engineers have raised the bar with the comfort and performance of the Shoklock family whether wearing all, some or none of the spines in game play

How do I remove the finger protection spines?

  • All our SHOKLOCK® finger protection gloves offer the option of custom protection by removing the individual finger protection spines

  • You can access these protection spines using the elastic fastening on the back hand - remove them as required for custom protection

Finger protection goalkeeper gloves - yes or no?

  • Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection are a good option for those who are looking for added protection or have finger injuries

Are finger protection spines ok for kids / juniors?

  • The cut of the goalkeeper glove makes a big difference when wearing spines. We recommend using a positive or negative cut goalkeeper glove if using finger protection gloves
Inserting Shoklock® finger protection spines in your goalkeeper gloves